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Winspect Data Acquisition Software

Simple On-Screen Control

Winspect introduces the proven framework of Microsoft Windows to nondestructive testing, enabling you to perform ultrasonic tests and manage data with unparalleled ease. Winspect offers many time-saving features including toolbar commands, pull-down menus, user-defined colors, multiple displays and context-sensitive Help.
With simple on-screen commands, set gates, select scan parameters, define output format and save the setup and results to disk.

Multi-tasking Capabilities

Winspect takes you a generation beyond dedicated, single purpose data acquisition computer systems. Winspect will control your scanning rig, collect the data and simultaneously control auxiliary instrumentation.

Data and images can be transferred directly to other software packages for analysis and report preparation. This exceptional flexibility provides significant time and cost savings.


Designed For Value

Integrate Winspect with your existing hardware. Software support is available for a broad range of acquisition and control hardware and can be provided for new components.

Testing capabilities are dramatically upgraded and unnecessary capital expenditures avoided by adding this sophisticated software to your existing system. Winspect delivers outstanding value at a competitive price.

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